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Our Approach to Language Teaching

At the Berkshire Language Centre, we believe in providing the best possible environment for all of our learners.  Our approach is built around a number of key beliefs and principles.

Our Beliefs

Our language teaching is informed by two fundamental beliefs:

We learn a language in order to communicate.
We learn a language most effectively by communicating with others.

This means that our language classrooms are highly interactive and communicative.  We create a physical and emotional environment in which learners are encouraged to participate – to communicate with each other on matters of mutual and genuine interest.

Our Principles

We can identify a number of principles which underpin these beliefs and therefore, our approach to language teaching:

We look at how people use language in their day-to-day lives rather than just looking at formal structures.
We recognise that communication is unpredictable and there may be many different, acceptable responses to any given situation.
We place a high value on human relations and personalising situations in the classroom.
We look at the needs of our learners and prepare activities which address those needs.
We use materials which are appropriate to a particular group of learners; materials which they will find engaging, meaningful and useful. This often involves using authentic materials (those written for native English speakers).
We maximise learner talking time in all sessions.
We encourage learners to be as active and autonomous as possible. A good language learner takes responsibility for their own learning.
We know how important it is to create an awareness of non-verbal communication such as body language.
We recognise that language has a function as well as a form. The function of language is dependent on the context in which it is used.

Using these beliefs and principles, it is our aim to create a learning environment in which learners thrive and marked improvements are achieved and recognised.